honey comb stitch

2015-01-31 14.31.09

Is one of the first ones I knitted and one of my favourites

2015-01-31 14.30.54

There is lots of this in the current knitting project finished the body to the sleeves and now 1/4 up the sleeves – on track to join next weekend

Photo 31-01-2015 12 20 46 pm

I finished my Alice top this morning – after somehow losing a lot of last weekend to the hottest 100 impromptu party at our house

Photo 31-01-2015 12 20 59 pmPhoto 31-01-2015 12 20 52 pm

We had a belated cheers for a few years at our favourite pub

2015-01-24 17.32.43

Finally went for a swim at Coogee and saw this cracker of a car

2015-01-24 16.59.53

it did rain a bit this week and snapped this on the way to work – an inner west icon   2015-01-28 07.37.39

I did cook last weekend danish pastries – they were a hit

2015-01-26 10.54.12


Found this wonderful old sign in my travels last week exploring Sydney in search of locations for the new project – next week off to the country





2015-01-29 10.27.28


happy knitting and weekend – fingers crossed for some yarn in the post this week……

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planning and making



Who doesn’t love a long weekend – time to do the chores and have just that bit extra to make, do, plan or work on a bigger project

mrs_sockvictim___mrs_sockvictim__•_Instagram_photos_and_videos 2

This weekend I am making great progress with my Amanda cardigan – finally after swatching way back in October I cast on last weekend – 1/4 of a pattern repeat to go before I can cast on the sleeves – I might just wind those balls and cast on today in preparation for the no think knit of the week night.  Do you do that too – I can’t start a new project during the working week only on the weekends with a bit more thinking time.


I had the email notification on Friday of the yarn for my next colour work project – ahem don’t remind me that I am part way through one but I have lost interest

Then I remembered that I have the yarn for this as well – those cardigans I need to catch up on from last year – well I’m already making a cracking start for the year.

Along with the knitting I am cutting out an Alice top this weekend just might get it together today ready for work this week – thanks to Zena for the inspiration

Then there are danishes and a very successful batch of granola from over here.  Bircher muesli mix is also on the list along with Kitcheri for work lunches this week.  We usually plan and cook as much as possible on a Sunday ready for the week ahead.

mrs_sockvictim___mrs_sockvictim__•_Instagram_photos_and_videos 3

and a bit of fun during the week having a beverage and a coconut drink at the great Summer house pop up bar down at the Opera House with the designer a dear friend and got to meet the music curator as well

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What missfee did in 2014



For a minute I was worried that I hadn’t really knit much in the last year

But after properly updating Ravelry and my photo album – after a computer migration gone awry, I found a few more projects lurking around.

Only 1 jumper this year – 1 garment – I did start about 4 but only finished 1 – the to do list for this year is to start with the WIPs – but I did get a blue ribbon for this one

Shawls- well 2014 was the year of the shawl I was in a shawl club – and as of this week finished 3 of the 4 – the last I think will be a hat – shawl count is sitting at 8 – 9 if you include the cowl

Booties – a few babies whilst away in Melbourne  – 2

Hats – not quite year of the hat but an impressive 4 – snap dragon didn’t make it to the mosaic

Mittens – 1 pair again colour work – Kate Davies again

Wreath – crochet as well – finished – 1

Snowmen – 4

Santa – 1

Socks – well the mojo came back with a rush – 4  realise that 1 pair is not included in the photos above


Group present – 2 strips for Lyn’s special blanket

Items in total 29 – compared to the previous few years not too bad

2013 – 33

2012 – 26

2011 – 50 – highest count to date must of been a quieter work year…..


What will 2015 bring – a knitting adventure, more socks, far more shawls and more colour work and maybe some cables…….

oh and no cardigans whoops what happened there……must fix asap

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knitting in the new year

Be careful what you wish for


As a recent colleague also mentioned this happens to her as well – if you think about it – it just might happen


Just a bit beyond a year ago I wished for a certain type of job – and then now as I look back on the year that was I have done two of these and the new year is to bring an exciting new challenge for me work wise.


Although this work experience had concequences for the amount of knitting I was able to output in 2014 – currently I am counting 24 projects and I have to update and double check, block and sew in ends, as I am want, but I think since I started the blogging this number is on the lower end of out put – but considering the hours of work and the challenges involved not too bad.


As far as the knitting for the coming year I have 2 cardigans to finish and 1 maybe 2 scarf clubs to keep me going when I just can’t think of what to knit next….



I have kept coming back to the neglected blog and realised that I have taken on instagram with a passion as I love the visual – duh.


Looking back on the year I got to work with one of my favourite people and met another new person who I admire and would love to work for again.  I met an amazing knitter from the other side of the world


Sadly we lost a very dear friend at the end of the year which was so sad – then an amazing work colleague passed away suddenly which was beyond sad – why do the good people die young a very sad end to the year


The last few weeks of 2014 were filled with travel, hugging friends, baking and good food


and some knitting

a quiet few days at home before 2015 really starts as of tomorrow


happy knitting for 2015


a photo of one of the two converts to knitting I know of this year that I helped tip over the edge with yarn fumes and encouragement….

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KAL or just plain crazy

I must be slightly crazy – casting on an 10ply cable cardigan just as summer begins – I had sworn to myself that I would be knitting linen, socks and shawls all summer but that went out the window over the weekend

I have been following the change of season in the northern hemisphere as well as a quite a few blogs up there – and I am always intrigued but the amount of startitis that starts in my house this time of the year – all that pattern pron that is floating around me thinks.


So I pulled out my original como tonofwool purchase and knitted up a swatch


I got gauge – I didn’t dare measure it for a few days but yesterday afternoon I crunched the numbers and they worked out.  My honeycomb is one stitch out but the 1/2 a stitch and the diamond is perfect


But now I face a dilemma – do I cast on another project as looking at Ravelry I have quite a few on the go at the moment – and do I need white cable knit cardie?



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long time between drinks

So this is how it goes now


I work and then I have a break and then I blog with a title along the lines of ‘it’s been a while”

Back from Melbourne mermaid wrangling I spent a few weeks packing up/sellling then dumping a warehouse of a show and starting a new job(TV series for ABC).  Cut to a few months on and the offer of another job(Feature Film) so I left that one with a 2 week enforced break as it has been 18 months, ahem over 2 years, without a proper break.  Ok so Xmas does count but seriously the way I work that didn’t chip the edges of filling back the bank of energy.  It wasn’t the Melbourne job that did me in but the no break on from there – note to self not doing that again.  So new film keeps getting put back in time – which is really great as I am catching up on cat time, cooking for husband, knitting and sewing again.  And some overdue work around the house.

There has been knitting and there has been sewing.

2014-04-21 09.19.58

Finally back into socks with 4 pairs in the last few months – the basic Wendy toe up dont think too much is a winner.


I am plugging my way through a jumper, 2 cardigans, a mega lace project, smaller lace project and realised that 2 babies are imminent so some baby knitting will be sorted out this week too.


I have also been engaged to do some private knitting classes – which is kind of exciting – as word is out there of my skills.  I did manage to convert another 2 people on a job and was shown a finished jumper from one of the converts!!  Fast work there Madame M!!!

Thinking seriously about the 33 items project as the wardrobe is seriously out of control….well not that seriously but it sounds dramatic


I also have about 4 quilts in planning – 2 wedding quilts, one baby and another for our bed.

No pictures today but more soon….





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a few days off

2014-04-18 15.30.29-1   2014-04-19 15.11.07

and a wonderful few days at home

2014-04-18 11.31.10

I decided to get into the moss making spirit and after a delicious coffee or 4 with a delightful co conspirator in making sheep naked I headed off to tessuti with a mid/ heavy weight fabric in mind.

2014-04-20 12.19.072014-04-19 19.00.07-1

So with some dark navy chord and a few errors in cutting out and one day later I have my perfect so long searched for skirt.


I promptly cut out a scout t but it is WAY too large – so that will have to wait for another weekend or a few days off.  I do see this and the many variations being a staple in my wardrobe.


In knitting news I won another blue ribbon – read first – at the Sydney Easter Show – I was jumping up and down at work when Zena texted me the news and a picture.  Thanks Zena!!!

2014-04-08 18.20.51

I met a knitter in real life – and it was so cute how we siddled up to each other and said – are you……The lovely Kylie is now working at the wool shop that tipped me into the craft in the first place Sunspun.  I did buy lots of yummy yarn.

2014-04-18 18.41.08

So hats are a big theme in my knitting world at the moment and colourwork and kits.

I have also been ticking off my bucket knitting list as well

I cast on a texture shawl    in alpaca and silk for the braindead nights of knitting

Ysolda’s snap dragon was a fave

Kate Davies is featuring alot too – there is an Ursula there plodding along slowly

Tea Jenny

2014-04-21 09.19.58


2014-04-19 09.23.09

and sitting ready and waiting are

Snowhead and the BCM cowl

should I get the socks too?


Small projects that I get done fast when there is little knitting time makes missfee a happy knitter…..



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Thank you everyone who responded to my call out for hellos – And LynS & Belinda hurrah you are both the random winners of a ball of delicious yarn each – which is coming your way in the next week.

I have been absent from the blog but not from knitting, putting aside the 12-14 hour days and weekends for work I still manage, to my relief, to keep knitting( and running and cooking for myself and watching great TV & Movies)

My strickmich club arrived and was a delicious knit in 7 days.  Hearts for Valentines day – it arrived to me on Valentines day with my gorgeous Beau as the bearer…..

scarf 1

I am 1/2 way through the follow your arrow knit along – got stuck at clue 3 with indecision reigns there unfortunatly even with all of the finished items on display,

scarf 2


a bit further along than this but no photos to prove it

And now I am working my way through a tail for a mermaid Aranami by Olga Jazzy. I am on the 3 last row – but they are getting longer each go

scarf 3

I have 2 of 3 entries complete for the easter show this year so fingers crossed……

See you all soon with more knitting.  And maybe some quilting too – no just kidding no machine here in Melbourne.

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i’m still going

Way back in the dark ages of 2007 I started this little blog and this year albeit a bit late here we are to celebrate 7 years of blogging

happy blog birthday to missfee.com


And for those of you who are still hanging around I have a lovely skein of delicous yarn to give away

and 2nd prize is a ball of sock yarn…..


so come on down and say hi for a small prize


Tom on Quilt


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what missfee did(made) in 2013

Quilting and knitting for 2013


Quilts well I made 3 from scratch and finished one from over 24 years ago – so a total of 4

quilts 2013

Knitting at total of 32 items – one more than last year but i had though the count was down – those necklaces got me over the line I think

knitting 2013

Socks – 0 urge so over socks at the moment – do booties count – then 1

cardigans – 6

shawls – 2

cowel – 2

hats – 9

jumpers – 5

other – 8 – mainly crocheted necklaces

So hats are the winner in the year of 2013


i really didnt feel like socks much this year – but have 2 ready to go and 1/2 a pair done from 2013

I will write out my goals for this year this week – and finishing items is high on the list

cant leave you without some cat photos can I….and perhaps a few puppies snuck in there too…


kittens 2013

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