Is my cat trying to do me in?

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Yesterday was quite uneventful – I got up, dragged my sorry arse to yoga and came home. That was until…..

I was greeted at the door by S.V. in a bit of a fluster and wasn’t allowed into the house until I heard the sorry tale his morning adventures.

The cats tipped over the drying rack in the lounge onto the gas heater – which was on – and set on fire the doona and a cover. S.V. was cooking stock in the kitchen – ran in to see flames, he then swatted the flames with a yoga blanket and ran outside with the rack, burning doona and traumatised cats in tow. He swatted out the flames further with the blanket and thankfully the morning rain also helped put out the fire.

Amazingly there is no damage to the house – a bit of dripped plastic on his new jumper (mostly came off with hot water), but the doona, a doona cover, the yoga blanket and drying rack are no longer. The drying rack looks like it has been tarred and feathered.

The cats were quite distressed and then crashed out.

The Sock Victim was really distressed and it took alot of tea and Anzac bikkies to sooth him. Especially when we both realised that the cats were really trying to kill him!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Is my cat trying to do me in?

  1. Bells says:

    holy cow that’s a bit scary. Glad you all escaped safe though.

  2. Rose Red says:

    Gah! Glad that is all you lost, oh my!

  3. kgirl says:

    eek, lucky he wasn’t outside where he couldn’t see the flames!

    glad there’s no major damage

  4. dr k says:

    a lucky escape from those evil masterminds!

  5. LynS says:

    I’m glad both of you, and the evil cats, are safe. I’m also pleased that no knitting was seriously harmed in this episode.

  6. Jan says:

    Good to see no one was actually harmed by the cats. Perhaps they need a re-think of their strategies? Ours delight in running between our legs at the top of any one of the three big sets of stairs we have here. I’d be telling them they were looking at generic rations or perhaps even bread and water.

    I hope you had something else apart from the doona to put on the bed last night.

  7. Melinda says:

    Wow – what a day! Glad the cats and everyone else are ok.

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