the weekend is just not long enough

So Saturday came around and another exciting installment of guild.  I so look forward to these days now that work does not currently allow me to go to Thursday knitting at Morris and Sons.  I snuck in a breakfast catch up with some of the lovely ladies before the meeting at the book kitchen in Surry Hills – all the more justified after my 7km run that morning around the bay.

I brought along my current cardigan Roast beetroot as I stupidly put that in my bag instead of the other cardie for that certain something less than 3 weeks away.

ARG that dreaded timeline was calculated again yesterday and my knitting time line shrank faster than I could knit a pair of socks….

The hand in is on the 1st April – so from today allowing blocking time is less than 2 weeks.  It has taken 4 days to knit three 50 gram balls or 348m- and this is just plain knitting with an ichord cast on – I am about to start the 4th ball tonight.

Progressing at this rate I am not sure I will get through the required 1200m or so – 852m in 13 days – that works out to be 65m a day – the yarn I am using per 50 gram ball is 116m and I have been averaging 87m a day…….


Numbers numbers – well the push is on – I am hoping to get the sleeves well and truly started by the weekend.  Currently about to start the waist decreases.

I digress into boring maths….


Faye from the Standard’s committee came along to our certificate 1 study group with heaps of helpful hints – I learnt the difference between a lifted increase (picking up the stitch below) and a raised increase (picking up the bar between the stitches)

Then drooled with the others over all of the wonderful samples that she brought to the meeting.





We all had a great time.  I am now looking intently at my Barbara Walker collection – book 2 is a winner (links are actually to the The Walker treasury project” which is the most fantastic resource)  – bad colour but Lyn our favourite from the other day


Then off to see how a thermamix works at my sister’s house- and that was fun and very filling.

Menu was as follows…

  • fruit sorbet
  • buckwheat bread
  • hommous dip
  • beetroot salad
  • mushroom risotto
  • coconut pudding


Instead of a fun filled day Sunday was full of boring car adventures as the computer failed – it did not start, the NRMA guy tried to reboot it but it still did not work.

I let Kris down with her run sadly, third time lucky Kris. Then most of the day was filled in with finding a replacement car so that I would be able to work this week, thanks to S.V. who did the grunt work on this – new job requires lots of driving around western Sydney.

The remainder of the day was filled with washing and the final season of ‘The Closer” my secret sad TV addiction – now I have to find another tv show to knit to.


Hope you had a great weekend – and a great week – happy knitting.



p.s. no socks were knitted for the creation of this  blog post but I am getting a twinge of shawl flu.…you know what it is very contagious….

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5 Responses to the weekend is just not long enough

  1. RoseRed says:

    Ah, I love The Closer too, heh!!

    Re Cardigan – you CAN do eeet!

  2. Virginia says:

    You know, I’ve learned most of what I know about American tv from billboards in NYC and from reading Aussie blogs. Heh.

    I had no idea what The Closer was.

    Anyway, good luck meeting your deadlines!

    And I completely hear you about the shawl flu. I think I’ve got a touch of it myownself.

  3. drk says:

    hmm yes that particular strain of the shawl flu is highly contagious. i do recommend it though. of course you can make the deadline, you are a knitting machine. but i agree, weekends are definitely not long enough. could have sat all day in the book kitchen. sigh.

  4. Linda says:

    Faye was such an inspiration. So very passionate about learning and teaching new techniques so that people would have choices in how to knit and finish something rather than just following the pattern. Amazing woman!

  5. LynS says:

    Apologies, grovel, sorry, sorry, sorry. I’d not linked your new blog address to googlereader and have missed so many posts. Mea culpa. Thanks for the link to the Barbara Allen Treasury for the wavy pattern and thanks for inviting Fay along to such an informal gathering – it worked so well.

    And Fee – you are a knitting magician. Of course you can finish the cardi! (and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t).

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