grey days

Another FO –  I realise that I have another serious case of shawl flu – must be the time of year

Project details: Floca



Pattern: Flukra by Shetland Trader
Yarn: Holst Garn Super soft in grey from Suzy Hausfrau
Needles: 4mm
Time on needles:  About 1 month – as I have less knitting time the time I have seems more condensed and I seem to inch forward at a slower pace.  So when after 4 days of knitting I realised I’d made a HUGE mistake in the pattern I took a deep breath and frogged it back to the start of the lace.  The pattern is on both rows so there are no rest rows with this one  – there is a pattern rhythm but I didn’t get into the swing for ages as I only knitter about 1 hour each night.
I used a loose bind off on the edge at the top – perhaps a wee bit too loose and the grey is quite soft so again I am not so sure about it – but the yarn is just gorgeous.  After washing so so soft.
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6 Responses to grey days

  1. LynS says:

    Beautiful. I think I’ll have to try this yarn.

  2. drk says:

    so beautiful fee. im so happy with my holst garn, i think its a really good yarn for these sorts of shawls and this climate. thankfully ive gone off the triangular shawl so wont be copy catting you this time, but this is just perfect for you.

  3. RoseRed says:

    It looks so lovely and airy, ethereal! I never really get into the swing of lace on both sides, I always have to check the pattern!

  4. Emily says:

    Ooh, that’s lovely – want to feel the yarn, and really like the pattern – something ethereal and wonderful about the combo!

  5. Renae says:

    That is soooo stunning! The colour just suits that pattern so much. I think the Holst Garn is just made for these fluid and lacey shawls….must add this to my Rav queue.

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