Hackney then to Paris



Thursday we drove to the train station to get the Eurostar to Paris – from Cambridge via Hackney. A walk through a meadow lead us to….



E5  to try out the amazing baked goods and breads – I had a great coffee and Chelsea bun while Tim had toast & jam , which I got to try, and Ben had a little brûlée tart, all yum yum yum and under the arches of the train tracks





Then a quick stop in a wool shop for ohhs and ahhs – no purchases, then Aesop for more ohhs ahhs and a purchase, not by be.  Then onto a walk along the canal where we were able to see the lock in action 3 times – or I should say for 3 boats – 2 down and one up.  So much fun


Next stop was St Pancras with a slight rush as we had been so absorbed by the lock – but we made it in plenty of time.  A very pleasant trip then to Paris – so quick, just so quick.



Arriving at Gard de Nord a quick metro trip then a walk from Ile de la Cite to Ile de Saint Louis, we found our accommodation – one forgets how much real estate is worth in different cities and how much can be crammed into a small space – especially in a good location .



We had a cup of tea in our digs and then bread and cheese on the banks of the La Seine,


The a walk up one side of the river to the Eiffel tower and then back down the other.  After a quick wiggle wiggle serenade by a brass band practicing we both retired to sleep after a very adventurous day.



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