Il a pleut dans Paris aujourd’hui


So today was meant to be the grande Versaille adventure but the weather and the fickle nature of my travel companion and myself combined had other ideas.  We started off to go to the grand palace but it was raining and miserable so we decided on a day wandering the streets with a few objectives in mind.


A noisette later we hatched a plan – tea shops, knitting shop encore, taxidermy and anything that might take our fancy then made up the day, along with some more coffee and perhaps some lunch.



What ever we did had to include La droguerie again – I know I had to go back it is that good, and I have infected Tim with the desire and promise to learn to knit again.  As I write this he is knitting is first row on a delicious alpaca scarf!! – (photos of yarn tomorrow when I get better light)


Our rough plan came together like this – Springcourt shoe shop – where Tim purchased some black and lime green high tops, a visit to the Camper shop – a few style the same as I had just seen in Sydney.  A detour past a charity shop where I found a great jacket and tshirt and Tim bought a scarf and a jacket as well.


Then onto La Droguerie – via another shoe shop – Trippens on sale!!! but none I liked in my size pooh.  Then there was more wool – I had done a bit of internet work last night and really wanted to knit a scarf or two to play with the wonderful yarns – I have a sea blue triangle on the go already and a blue and silver yarn to make a lace square with.  Tim as I have already said bought some gorgeous alpaca.


After respite during a really full on down pour we had lunch of pasta, wine and then dessert – and were dripped on a bit as it was that wet – I think my poor shoes might not dry out properly and I hope it doesnt rain too much tomorrow as I am not sure my cloth sneakers will cope.


Then was the Astier de Villatte the amazing ceramics and candles of Paris where I procured some gorgeous cards and delighted at the wonderful collection on display.


In search of tea for Mr S.V. we went to one of the oldest tea shops in Paris Mariages Freres where some tea may of be procured but that may spoil a surprise.  Again I may of found some single origin chocolate 75% but again that would be telling.


We then made our way back across Paris to Deyrolle to check out the garden supplies and taxidermy – pretty amazing but quite confronting all those stuffed animals in one place.


Then another walk across back to the digs – and we are now on our beds both knitting and drinking tea – hurrah

IMG_1413 IMG_1417

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