London town


Monday morning I found myself back on London to meet up with Pru, who flew in early, we meet up at Yum Chaa for tea and cake before a quick trip to Liberty(where in the lift we found out about the #spill)


happy at the #spill along with anticipation of wool faces


Then onto Loop  via a bus in Islington – but we got our days all muddled and ended up in front of a closed shop – the consolation prize was an extremely delicious lunch at Ottolingi.  Then back to our digs in Soho for an early night.


insert sad face at this point


Tuesday we were up early and hit the Victoria and Albert Museum before it opened – and then went on a great guided tour with Merry who had such great enthusiasm for the museum and unlocked some very interesting stories and facts for us about the exhibits.  We then took ourselves on a trip around the tudors, jewelry and at that point our heads exploded and lunch was required.  A quick look in the shop and then off to Loop for round 2 – and yes this time it was open.


Another case of exploding heads as in that small shop is the most wonderful yarn collection – quite overwhelming as without a specific project in mind it was quite hard to choose yarn.


Pru picked a scarf pattern and went from there – I went with a vague idea of a shawl and picked my yarn, and also purchased needles for our upcoming series of workshops in Shetland.


We then caught the tube back to liberty for well earned afternoon tea.


Followed by a small scarf & pattern purchase and then back to our digs where I met up with Blitz, a fellow mermaid wrangler from that film in Melbourne and we proceeded to drink our way through the evening with some new found English friends in the pub round the corner – where Frances Bacon used to hang out.




Nursing a rather sore head this morning 4 cups of tea later we traipsed off to the British Museum and this time had a tour around the Mesopotamian gallery which was really amazing.


Pru was the best guide for the Museum as a whole as this is her area of expertise – and it was a treat to see the marbles of the Parthenon as well.




Tonight we are off to The Book of Mormon round the corner which I am really looking forward to. Finally unlocking the gold plate of religious education level.                     IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1519    IMG_1525 IMG_1526IMG_1522

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