On leaving Paris

IMG_1423    IMG_1427


the courtyard outside our apartment


IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1432               Another delightful meal by the Seine of Croque monsieur for me and a roast vegetable baguette for Tim, breakfast dessert of Far Breton with prunes – yum.  We had a noisette in the tabac and by far this was the best coffee in Paris.



We started off to the Mussee D’orsay and again by about 10.o0 it had started to rain.


It was a quick trip to the gallery and full of highlights.  Mainly I wanted to look at the Toulouse Lautrec paintings and furniture 1:1 drawings


I think this was the best time to go as when we left the line was huge.


We walked back to our apartment and bought lunch at the Patisserie  for the train – then a metro ride to Gard Du Nord and one last cafe stop – this time hot chocolate whilst watching the world go by.


The train trip is so quick and so easy I am certainly going to make  it again some time.

IMG_1458 IMG_1460

Ben met us at the station in London and we walked across to Soho for dinner at a great Indian restaurant.  A few tube stops later we hoped into the car and drove back to Cambridge.  Hard to believe how fast it was to travel across the Canal.


I was delighted at how much my french had returned during the trip – and certainly I have enough to get by,  the Parisiennes  are very generous with their language and seem to be happy when you try.



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