Paris textile adventure

After the long walk last night and an early wake up I decided to sleep a bit longer – and woke up at 12pm – whoops.  This travel caper is a bit tiring especially after walking over 10kms the night prior – didn’t realise that last night.

We didn’t quite have the hot water situation worked out – common in Paris I am told – and so after a brisk cold water splash we dashed out to find breakfast/lunch before the grand textile tour began.  A delicious bagel consumed by the river – best dining room ever!!! prepared us for a fantastic afternoon of yarn, fabric, trims and tapestries.


Barbara meet us at our apartment and had great knowledge of all the textile treats of Paris – we started at La drougerie (Hardware store is the translation) – as you know I am fond of wool.  Major yarn purchase here,



then a series of fabric arcades and shops, tapestry shops and haberdashery shops.  All quite amazing – one shop had a knitted cake and cheese window display by Madame Tricot



knitted cake and knitted cheese window




a vertical green wall and then the patron Saint of the fabric district St Catherine of Alexandria


hand painted tapestry shop where I practiced my terrible french but pretty much had a conversation with the owner


Barbra and Tim hanging on the red couch as I bought linen


Last stop was an amazing fabric shop Mahlia Kent where they weave their own colourful and amazing fabrics.  We sadly said good by to Barbara and found a cafe to sit on the side walk watch the world go by and have an aperitif and a cheese plate for dinner.


the ‘haul’,

  1. fabric from the colourful textile store Mahlia Kent, on has red skulls and purple mohair, these are all offcuts or remnants,
  2. light grey yarn is cashmere wool blend- enough for a shawl,
  3. donkey grey is wool angora for a cardigan with ribbon trim,
  4. dark grey is alpaca, and  a grey bag from the shop,
  5. the check fabric is cotton and the blue and mint below are linen two slightly different weights.



Dessert was from the local pastry shop and eaten by the river – so much fun!!!


If you do get the chance to visit Paris I would highly recommend getting in touch with Barbra as she is such good company, has such amazing knowledge and contacts in the textile world of Paris, and is full of great information as you wander around – we both had a fantastic time



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