best knitting escape eva!!

Illustrated with flowers

I had the best weekend away with a tremendous bunch o knitters who all know who you are…..

I ran 7.5km on sat and then 10km on the Sunday – we got a bit lost but found supplies in case of emergency


I may also mention, as I am want, that we ate at Annie Smithers in Kenyton and it was FANTASTIC the service, the food and the wine


We tried to jettison SOMEONE at hanging rock but it cost $10 to get in!!  And I think I spent my spare change on wool….


there was some knitting done…

but really the true is that i LOVE cats

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4 Responses to best knitting escape eva!!

  1. jp says:

    What a fabulous collection of photos of a fabulous weekend.

  2. RoseRed says:

    Great pics! I especially love the little face in the corner of some of them!

  3. drk says:

    absolutely the best weekend ever. your photos are gorgeous, so much to love about that part of the world. but really, the great company was the best thing 🙂

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