Edinburgh and Glasgow then on to Aberdeen


Monday was sort of a slower day – that was what was intended but all good plans go astray in some way or another.  We woke to rain and a slower start with a coffee at our now favourite Wellington cafe  then headed off to Cath Kidston for a sticky beak, then in search of a few extra supplies for the trip to the Shetland Islands.  A wander to the other side of the castle and lunch at Spoon was the precursor to a walk up Arthur’s Seat.



What had started as a rainy day had transformed into blue sky and sunshine galore, the higher we got though the stronger the wind.




By the time we had scrambled to the top vertical hairstyles were the rage.  We had taken the vertical route up and opted for the gentle route down via the ruins of an Abbey.


Then off to the Safari Bar for a knit with the Ginger twist crew.


We meet up with some fellow knit course members and very welcoming locals and had a great night knitting at the pub.  A stumble up the royal mile led us home and to bed, after a good dose of Doc Martin.


Today we were up early to check out the tartan mill just up the road, on the advise of one of the lovely ladies last night.  Having walked past the other day we though it was a true tourist trap – but it was an absolute treasure with working looms and lots of tartans being made.  I picked up a packet of remnants for some crafty future use….


Then onto Kathy’s Yarns which was an absolute treat.  Kathy stocks mainly local yarns and is both generous and knowledgeable about her stock.  We both scored some pretty wonderful yarns there.  And I was also given a photo of the sheep one of my yarns is made out off.




After a coffee at a truely hipster stop we made our way to the train station and onto Glasgow to meet up with Jules in real life, having been a subscriber to her blog and watching her journey in fibre and also moving to Glasgow this year.  It was so great to meet a fellow yarn enthusiast and one from Australia both Pru and I had a wonderful time as we went to Queen of Purls and met the lovely Zoe and then had lunch in town.  There was quite a difference to the architecture and feel of Glasgow to Edinburgh and definitely worth another trip down the track.



Back on the train to Edinburgh we have picked up supplies for a dinner at home, a quiet night in and some knitting on the very comfortable couch ready for tomorrow’s adventure.



Aberdeen, Lerwick, infinity and beyond……


All praise the wonderful world of fibre.


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  1. kylie says:

    oh it all looks so amazing and wonderful! I am enviously following along on Instagram, and rejoicing in all your fun vicariously!!

  2. matteckhaus says:

    The blog is back!

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