After a quick commute on the tube we arrived early for coffee at Kings Cross Station on Friday for our train trip north to Edinburgh.


mini harbour bridge in Newcastle

We had great seats on the train and had a very pleasant journey north.  It rained a bit on the way out of London but the further North we went the better the weather.


We arrived to glorious sunshine and a very long set of stairs to climb.  Then another set and then 6 flights to get to the flat.  It was SO worth the view!!!  That is our apartment viewed from New Town.


After a minute to catch our breath we headed out for an explore and would you believe found a wool shop!!!   Ginger Twist Studio is a tiny space filled with a really great collection of yarn and inspiration. There were yarns purchased.


After this excitement we had a cup of tea and shared a Banoffee pie.  We headed home through the centre of town.  Diner was in a great bar downstairs and I had venison stew and Pru had fish of the day.  We retired to more knitting and bad TV,  it is quite nuts how mesmerised one is by advertising in other countries.


Saturday was another glorious sunny day and we started with a coffee & croissant at Wellington St which serves flat whites – an Australian invention I was told later in the day.



On the recommendation of Lyn we then headed over the the Georgian House in Charlotte Square New Town which was really fantastic.  We then understood why New Town area was build and saw the day to day running and living in the house.  And of course there were dress ups – so far I have not shown you what has been going on but there has been a bit of fun starting at the V& A and this continued here as well – photos pinched from Pru on faceache.




After a brisk walk through a couple of shops we went over to the older side of town to meet up at a pub in Infirmary Place called The Royal Oak, if this is at all familiar to you then you would already have guessed we were on a Rebus walking tour.  This was 2 hours of walking the streets and places that the fictional character Rebus written by Ian Rankin would tread.  This also covered the history of the area and other interesting facts, including the house of Peter Higgs who thought up the idea that then the Hadron collider achieved.


During the tour we passed what looked like an interesting cafe and turned out to be a Dovecot studios a tapestry studio with a cafe – this was then to be our lunch spot for the day – and we spied an person knitting in the corner.  She then came over and said hi- drawn by Pru’s jumper and turned out to be Mica who organises the Edinburgh wool week.  We then got some great tips for wool hunting.


Straight to Be inspired fibres we had a great hour or so petting yarns and chatting with the lovely owner Mei.  Again there were yarns purchased and a lot of fun was had.                        IMG_1597    IMG_1602 IMG_1603


oh and I had haggis for dinner and it was YUMMY!!!!



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    I love haggis too! The only time I drink scotch – just seems to go with it!

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