Stitch in time

Sunday saw us down at the train station off for an adventure over the water.  Actually we got up , knitted, had a few cups of tea, knitted some more, a coffee, bit more knitting, put on some washing and knitted just to make sure we had not forgot the action and then went off to the train station.


Another glorious day here in Edinburgh but just a bit colder than the previous day, we are now about at the time for woollens and long sleeves and I cracked out my mobius for the days outing.





On the train off to Kirkcaldy for the final day of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, sadly one of the panels was stolen a week ago but there were still another 159 to see. It was quite amazing.  The theme was the history of Scotland, so there were a few sheep in there, and the idea was hatched by the guy who brought us the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency      and other great writings – there was a designer who drew up each panel and then a lot of dedicated embroiderers who worked on the panels, they all had a small section in the bottom corner to sign.

Just a few highlights of the work…


IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1623 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1629 IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1642 IMG_1643 IMG_1644 IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658


After all that history and gorgeous stitches we headed off to the cafe for lunch.  There was a board that in chalk faintly said a word and plus crusty bread, when asked it was “Stovies” our natural response was to ask what is this?  The poor lady rallied around and explained what it was – well we had to order then, after sitting down and a quick google search we gathered quite a national well known dish and a bit like bubble and squeak.




IMG_1662 IMG_1663

After we needed a small post stovie stroll and wandered through the town down to the beach, dodged the HUGE seagulls and went back to the train station via the cemetery of the oldest christian church in the area.  Just having missed a train we knitted some more, nope still remembered how to, and then trained back to Edinburgh.



 IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1668 IMG_1669 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1672 IMG_1674 IMG_1675 IMG_1677


Still suffering recovering from stovies we bought a large amount of green veggies and some salmon for dinner, made our way home and watched a few episodes of Lewis back to back.


I got the poison I got the remedy

Still knitting and drinking tea and squeezing in a wafer of chocolate finally the effects of the stovies were wearing off.


Great day in all

IMG_1680 IMG_1681  

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  1. Ness says:

    And if you scroll aaaalllllll the way down you even get a photo of fee! Love that tapestry, I have such a crush on McCall Smith, now even greater.
    And I’ve just learnt what stovies are, thanks.

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