Day 7 – not wanting it to end or where we are let loose in Lerwick

Free day today – where Pru and I had booked into classes on the open Wool Week program


We started the day early dropping Mary Jane off to her class and the headed over the the wool week hub at Islesburgh where lots of gorgeous sweaters and knitted items were to be seen in the wild

We added our name to the large map(thanks to another blog as I forgot to take a photo) and were annoyed delighted to see other participants from our neck of the woods and NZ as well.

IMG_2270 IMG_2269

First up was a class with Hazel Tindall yoke sweater for a toddler – exploring colour work yokes.  We had a machine knitted body and arms joined together an hda to pick up all of the stitches and knit up on the yoke – oh and of course pick the colours.  I went with greens – as someone had nabbed the blues – and it is more gender neutral.  I sat next to some lovely german ladies – one who was knitting backwards.  In the class were also 3 Shetlanders of various experience who were knitting with belts – really great to see.



Hazel was as wonderful as the day before and I learnt so much, and really excited to be knitting this yoke sweater.  Still going mind you and I will have to graft on the sleeve and neck bands when done wish me luck!!!


I then hot footed it over the Jamison and Smith to help Gudrun out with her hap class being held there – actually I handed out highlighter tape, met another famous knit related person, her sister and friend, and chatted with a few fabulous people as they came through the shop.  And tried and succeeded at not buying any more wool!

Inspired by my medal from the Kate Davies incident Pru and I came up with the notion to award everyone on the trip a medal so I called out the Play School craft gods and found the local haberdashery shop!!!  Ribbon, pins, anchor buttons, needles and tread and a bit of dyed wool I knew stashed back in our room would do the trick.


I gathered the team put together a prototype and in less that 1/2 hour we had 15 medals and a list of reasons to award later.

These included

  • best cat herder and Pride of Shetland medal
  • Selkie singing & mermaid medal
  • best crude toast medal – that would be an Estonian toast……
  • finer than frog fur and thats pretty damn fine medal
  • happy birthday and best question medal
  • best old stick………story medal
  • bling medal
  • I like big balls medal
  • best mom medal
  • best sketch artist & beginner to advanced in a nano second medal
  • most inquiring mind medal
  • style queen medal
  • stealth designer medal
  • dessert medal
  • huge thanks and unending patience and good humour medal
  • best side kick
  • and finally one for the lovely Andrea who got the zero upchuck on bus medal

It was also the lovely Irma’s birthday so I had procured a card and we all managed to sign this.


We reconvened in the sitting room to go over our knitted cuffs and discuss the exploration of colour work we had all made that week.   I think each one was quite a success!!!


Then was dinner and the award ceremony – a hoot actually.  Dinner was again full of laughs and merriment, tinged with a bit of sadness as it was out last night all together.


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