Day 8 – where all good things come to an end and the epic trip home begins

We got up really early as Diewke had an early flight and Gudrun drove her into the airport so a 5.45am wakeup and cups of tea were made.

It was the first real windy day and great to capture the wind on the water from our window.


I took some time to sort out my stuff and properly pack.

When we woke up properly after a bad night sleep for both Pru and myself – I think in anticipation to the epic journey home.  We trundled down to breakfast for coffee, toast and more yummy delights.



I took a photo of the handspun from my spindle day – due to quarantine here in Australia it was not worth bringing it home.  A final pack where I got to sit on my suit case in the most unglamorous way and then we headed down for final farewells.

IMG_2292 IMG_2291

The rosered I gave to Gail – it looks so much better on her that colour is divine.

Pru and I stashed our luggage at the ferry terminal and headed with Greta and Denyse for a final coffee with Gudrun and Mary Jane.



Saying our sad but fond farewells to our most excellent #grandshetlandadventure guides we mooched about Lerwick on some final missions.


It did rain a bit at the beginning of the day but by the end it was all sunshine and blue skies – here is Pru hanging in the car park




We enabled Greta to purchase a red knitting belt and needles, and then headed to the post office for a final small postage drop.  Then some final purchases for gifts we wandered down to the Museum for a last hurrah and otter search.



We boarded the boat as early as we could and bunkered down in our cabin- Pru dosed up on medicine prior to leaving and the first part of the journey was a bit rolly polly but after are stop in Kirwall it all settled down a bit.

IMG_2319 IMG_2318 IMG_2326 IMG_2320

I watched a particularly bad movie with sheep in it.


Finally got some sleep…….


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