Day 9 loose that Sunday and further in transit home


Arriving in Aberdeen we had a leisurely breakfast and made our way to the train station to leave our bags for the day



We headed up to Scottesque to check on the kilt progress then found a great shop for some last souvenirs and tea and waffles.

IMG_2345    08698BF9-23CE-4CFD-99F9-D6417B1F5B3C IMG_2338 IMG_2337


Back to the train station, collect luggage and then bus to the airport.

tattoo 1

Time for some final highjinx  photos of our great trip where we show off the final lasting reminder of the awesome knitting adventure


We then flew to London, boarded for Singapore ,  I watched all of season 3 Vikings, did that horrid on & off the plane business at Changi, then flew to Sydney.

Got luggage through immigration and customs and out to the fresh, getting hot already, air of Sydney.  Mr SV picked us up and dropped Pru home and then took me home to cats, garden and bed.


still can’t quite believe what just happened!!!

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