Farewell Edinburgh, hello Aberdeen and hello Shetland

I had no internet whilst on the Shetland Island so I am going to keep going in the order of days as it happened – I did start this post on our first day there.


We packed up our amazing Air bnb early and headed for the train station. Collecting tickets with only a small hiccup of me leaving my card in the machine and getting a lecture from the station person we then jumped on the train bound for Aberdeen. A few knitting hours later we arrived. Hot footing it to the boat terminal – a short walk from the train station – to check in to the boat and leave our luggage for the days wandering.


We then headed into town proper and had a most delicious lunch at Moonfish, then wandered up to Scottesque where ‘someone’ had a lot of fun trying on skirts and perhaps ordering one in a particularly delightful red tartin. We had a quick look at the local yarn shop and sadly had to restrain ourselves in preparation for Shetland. A very fast look at the maritime museum we then hot footed it back to the boat in time for boarding.


Our room was quite amazing and we then went up onto the top deck to watch our departure from the back deck. Leaving Aberdeen harbour was quite spectacular – as it is still a working harbour, and my poor travel companion got a detailed lecture on containers and cranes as I am part way through a book  on the subject.                         IMG_1765     IMG_1770 IMG_1771  IMG_1773  IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777  IMG_1779   IMG_1785  IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1789


We had quite a good crossing with only a little bit of pitching in the middle of night – Pru had preventative pills and survived the night. We woke to the bright lights of Shetland – when we opened the blind at 7am the light streamed into the cabin. We had a bit of breakfast and headed off into Lerwick for a look around before meeting our hosts at 12pm back at the ferry terminal.


We headed in search of the Taxi rank where there is a real time web cam beamed around the world so that the Birthday girl could wave to home. As both Pru and her other half had a plan by which she would stand at the taxi rank and she would wave. We started texting to ready the Australian part of the plan a bit to early and were getting ‘chop chop’ texts back. It took a few minutes to position ourselves correctly and then we got the ‘I can see you Clem Fandango” text and mission was accomplished.



Next stop was the visitors’ centre for maps and brochures, then the camera shop for a new sim card for the phone, then the Peerie coffee shop for birthday breakfast #2 and coffee. We then found Jamiesons yarn shop and had a good rummage around but again held out – nearly bought a tartan cape but thought I best think about it first.


IMG_1805Then we scooted down to the Shetland Museum where we had a brief but very well briefed tour by a wonderful New Zealander Cushla who has relocated with her husband in retirement to live here. We had the 10 minute speed tour that did not in any way skimp on detail of the knitting section and then hot footed it down to the ferry terminal to meet one of our amazing hosts Mary Jane Mucklestone. A complete delight that within the first 5 minutes she was plotting with us to sneak up to Jamison and Smith but Gudrun texted us to wait so that we could all go together if there was time. And there was, and yarn was purchased and other knitters spied. Gudrun then drove us via the supermarket, then the terminal again as I forgot my computer in the lock up, to our accommodation the gorgeous Burrastow house on the west side of Shetland.



We kicked back for a few hours – Pru read a book and I went on a walk along the cliffs, spying Seals in the bay and amazing views. We have been so lucky with the weather so far – I think not much wind and blue skies – I did crack out my sun hat for the walk.



Birthday dinner was with a few knitters and Pru was surprised and delighted with the cake and candle.  We went to bed excited to be meeting our fellow travellers the next day.


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