post script to travel part 1

the various high jinx dressup as they happened

bus to no abbott

bus to loop after finding out we had a new PM – look at those happy faces…..

Somehow on our first day together Pru and I stumbled across a dress up box – funny how these were most places we went……. if not we improvised

On the cutting edge, as always


When ruffs get rough!


Kitch’s Stitch Bitches


Gawjus Georgians!



windy day on Arthur’s seat – vertical hair!!!

What happens in Kirkcaldy stays in Kirkcaldy – one word STOVIES!!!!!!

New uses for fleece.

All the pretty ladies #grandshetlandadventure#handdyedwool #handmade



waiting waiting waiting for Kate Davies talk



33m between two oceans….

Hijinks! #grandshetlandadventure #knittingadventure#shetland #naughtiestgirlsonthetour

So long and thanks for all the laffs

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