post script to travel part 2

what knitting to take on a trip when you are a knitter

1.something on the needles

2. something to cast onaskew

3.NOTHING ELSE especially if you are on a knitting adventure as there will be plenty of opportunity to get yarn on the way

roses are blue

I took some yarn from Sheltand on a trip home and back here again – ahem…..a bit silly


I took 5 projects with me and only started one of them the brioche Askews me shawl,  I purchased yarn and knit Rose red on the trip, and there were the class samples that I did as well.


Sadly I had an arm/ finger over use thing happen during the flight and I had to wait 4 days for it to settle before I could knit again at all – and then really I waited a whole week before doing any serious knitting.  This happened again on the way home and I think it was also due to the cramped seating – but this time I didn’t knit as much so it hasnt been as bad.


My advise to all travellers that are knitters take your needles but only 2 balls of yarn – there will always be yarn and your stash does not need a holiday….


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  1. Katherine Ireland says:

    Hi Miss Fee
    I am envious of your Knitting tour of Scotland and it looks like Paris !
    I have been searching the internet for knitting tours of Shetland and none compare with yours – are you able to give me a hint as to who to contact to get the inside info ?
    That would be appreciated as I am planning a future knitting holiday for a significant Birthday and need to have something to dream about….
    Katherine Ireland

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